Sator Square golden runner altar cloth, one-of-a-kind

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  • Sator Square golden runner altar cloth, one-of-a-kind
  • Sator Square golden runner altar cloth, one-of-a-kind
  • Sator Square golden runner altar cloth, one-of-a-kind
  • Sator Square golden runner altar cloth, one-of-a-kind
  • Sator Square golden runner altar cloth, one-of-a-kind

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Add a touch of dark elegance to any space with this vintage linen that has been revamped and transformed into an enchanting piece of functional artwork. A unique handmade piece, it can be used for altars and tarot spreads, dressers and vanities, or hung on the wall.

This special altar cloth has been hand dyed black and screenprinted with a golden Sator Square. The Sator Square is an ancient Roman 2D palindrome square made up of five Latin words. The oldest discovery of the square comes from the ruins of Pompeii in Herculaneum, a city buried in ash during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 CE. The square’s translation is continuously debated but implies themes of a farmer plowing his field and the continuous maintenance of working the land. Consisting of five interconnected words, the Sator Square is often used as a protective talisman, believing evil spirits will get caught in the repetitive cycle of the square and lose their ability to harm those under the square’s protection. For this reason, the Sator Square has been found in Medieval churches, Renaissance grimoires, and it pops up quite a bit in folk magic practices. John George Hohman utilizes the square in his famous grimoire, The Long Lost Friend, as a spell to “extinguish fire without water.” Furthermore, the Sator Square has been used to remove jinxes and fevers, as well as aid in safe travels when worn on your person. It is often placed above doorways and inscribed on objects for protection in the home and to ward against evil occurrences. The most fascinating aspect of the Sator Square, however, is found in it’s numerological breakdown. Each word in the talisman, whether in a row or column, can be reduced to the number 1. Many numerologists maintain that this repetition and coherence gives the Sator Square even more extraordinary powers.

Dyed and screenprinted by hand with gold ink on dyed black runner with delicate crocheted trim.

Measures 18" x 44" (inches)


NOTE: Linens are hand selected with special attention to quality and uniqueness ensuring each is in good vintage condition with very little, to no signs of wear. There may be slight variations in the dye color of each piece which attests to it's handmade nature. Any distress or wear is taken into consideration when the price is set.

Washing instructions: Hand wash cold or dry clean.

As always, please review the FAQ page before every purchase.

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