The Poison Path print

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  • The Poison Path print
  • The Poison Path print
  • The Poison Path print
  • The Poison Path print

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A witch, surrounded by poisonous plants, inhales the sweet scent of the opium poppy as she rests at the base of a weighing scale. She is a practitioner on the Poison Path, with an all-encompassing knowledge of both white magic and maleficium. It is her time to choose between the path of light or darkness; a true test of character and will. The lantern she holds shows her favor, illuminating the side of benevolent magic. However, her head turns slightly towards the dark side, suggesting that she will utilize both types of magic in agreement with her moral compass.

A myriad of poisonous plants envelop the scale, each bringing it’s own unique powers to the witch’s herb cabinet. Henbane, Datura, Poison Hemlock, Belladonna, Poppy, and Ergot  have a long history in witchcraft and have been closely studied by magical practitioners who follow what is known as the Poison Path. This demanding path requires extensive research and careful experimentation to gain a thorough knowledge of psychoactive plants and their volatile nature. The true achievement of a witch following this path lies not in the mere knowledge of poisonous plants, but in the familiarity of their dosage. As with all psychoactive herbs, there is a fine line between a dosage of medicinal value and that of a deadly poison. This delicate boundary is what makes the Poison Path so alluring to magical practitioners seeking an added air of danger to their craft.

The Poison Path is original artwork drawn and screen printed by Adrienne Rozzi. Printed with black ink on archival "fawn" colored paper. Each print comes signed by the artist.

Measures 13.5" x 10.5".

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