The Woodland Order

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  • The Woodland Order
  • The Woodland Order
  • The Woodland Order
  • The Woodland Order

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An eagle grasps a writhing serpent as it sits upon a deer skull. The Woodland Order represents the continuous cycle of life and death within the realm of Nature. The Eagle lives in the height of sunlight and is therefore considered a master of the skies and a symbol of the sun itself. The Sun is often seen as the male activity which fertilizes the female spirit of mother earth, and by association, the eagle represents this aspect in the natural life cycle. The eagle in the Woodland Order clutches a serpent within its talons and rests upon a deer skull emblazoned with a radiating moon. The serpent is a symbol of the continuous cycle of death and rebirth and acts as a link between the life force of the eagle and the inevitable death found in the deer skull. Deer are the natural embodiment of beauty and grace, and here, the animal’s skull represents the grace of natural death and decay within the woodlands. Where the eagle displays the warmth of life, the deer skull signifies the moon, death, and the end of the life cycle. But from the remnants of nature’s decay sprouts life anew. Flowers in bloom represent new beginnings, spring, and the rebirth of life. They are a reminder that there is beauty in the cycle of birth and decay found in every aspect of nature. The Woodland Order is an ode to this wheel of life and its steadfast and irrepressible quality.

The Woodland Order is original artwork drawn and printed by hand by artist Adrienne Rozzi. Screenprinted with black archival ink on tan archival Stonehenge paper. Signed by the artist.

Measures 11" x 12.5" (inches)

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